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Located at the City-County Building on the 1st Floor (210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Madison, WI). Open from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and during public meetings, our current exhibit runs from October - Januray 15th 2020.

Exhibition Artist: Jan Richardson

Jan Richardson grew up in Ohio, where she received a BA from The Ohio State University in Art Education. After college, she relocated to Indiana for a few years, and then moved to Madison in 1976. Like so many others, the artist's dreams were met with the realities of supporting a family, so she received her MPA from UW-Madison and worked in the public sector for 35 years. Since she retired, she has devoted her time to learning to draw and paint in the classical tradition. Her primary interest lies in painting portraits from live models in oil. She enjoys hearing each model’s story, which allows her to capture a better likeness and portray elements of the individual’s personality and interests.

Exhibition Artist: Brigitte Boucher

Brigitte Boucher is an artist and writer from the Madison area. After growing up throughout the Great Lakes region, she attended Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, where she received a BA in studio art and English. Today, Boucher works in pastels; she loves the way this medium bridges drawing and painting, combining responsive mark-making with rich, nuanced color. In her paintings, she explores issues of identity and personal history, mental health and interiority, the physicality of the body and the dignity of the human spirit. She is interested in what our faces and bodies reveal about us—and what they conceal. She seeks to investigate the interconnected webs of family and belonging that link us with one another and with the world around us.

Exhibition Narrative

Jan Richardson and Brigitte Boucher, artists from two different generations, working in two different media, share a common desire to use classical painting techniques and contemporary art concepts as a springboard to explore portraiture. Whether working from life to create sensitive portrayals of community members or creating paintings inspired by old family photos, Richardson and Boucher seek to capture not only a likeness, but also a sense of the person’s spirit and personality.

Among the works in this exhibition are brand new pieces that explore aspects of the self over the course of time—a theme that the artists approach from different points of view.

Richardson’s newest work includes portraits of herself and several amazing older women she met in a fitness class—plus the young trainer who inspires them to keep pushing themselves. These portraits share each subject’s story while challenging stereotypes about what it means to be "a woman of a certain age."

Boucher’s newest pieces examine the artist’s personal evolution from childhood to young adulthood. She layers handwritten journal entries from years past with metaphorical self-portraits, drawing upon her memories of pivotal moments to explore the ways the past influences the present.