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The 2021 Dane Arts Cycle 1 Grant Review Sessions took place on March 19 and March 22. The audio recordings of these sessions and the agendas listing when each organization was discussed in the recordings can be accessed at the link below. 
Access audio recordings and agendas here.

Dane Arts’ grant program supports:

  1. Equitable access to arts, culture, and local history activities in Dane County, Wisconsin.
  2. Opportunities for creative expression, engagement, and connection with one another.
  3. Excellence.

In 2 grant cycles per year, several hundred thousand dollars from local public and private sources are distributed among approximately 150 awards. Individual grants ranging from $500 to several thousand dollars serve citizens and residents of Dane County and help leverage additional millions of dollars from other sources. All grant applications are submitted, reviewed, and administered online via WebGrants.

Liesl Blockstein Award

Liesl Blockstein was a self-described “professional volunteer” and served on The Madison Jewish Community Council, The League of Women Voters, and United Way of Dane County. She was honored for “her efforts in maintaining and promoting Wisconsin’s progressive political traditions.”

To be considered for this special funding award, do you believe your proposed project aligns with the Liesl Blockstein legacy to further the call for civic and political invovlement?