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Art Calendar

The twenty-first edition of our annual art calendar highlights the wonderful and talented artists right here in Dane County.

2020 Calendar Specs

  • Desktop calendar - 8" x 7 ½"
  • Municipality Prices - $9.48 each (plus sales tax)
  • Retailer Prices - $9.95 each (plus sales tax)
  • Artwork created by thirteen local artists.

Revenues from calendar sales help sustain programs of Dane County Cultural Affairs, an agency within county government created in 1977 to encourage public participation in arts, culture, and local history activities countywide. Your calendar purchase also helps to support local artists. For more information, please contact (608) 266-5915.

Cover: Karen Watson-Newlin

Karen Watson-Newlin

About the Artwork:
"My ideas, concepts, and visual images are present in my mind long before coming to life on paper or canvas. Like flirtations of possibilities, these ideas roll over and over until the images evolve into something tangible from the mindscape. My works are based on my personal experiences and surroundings. Thus, this is what I know."

Karen Watson-Newlin art

Karen Watson-Newlin, In the Midst of it All, Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x 40”

January: Dan Gardiner

Dan Gardiner

About the Artwork:
Dan Gardiner is a creative and dedicated, full-time artist who creates both large scale murals, and torn paper collages. "I’ve never forgotten that childhood thrill,” Dan recalls, “when Mom would bring home a new coloring book and a fresh box of 64 Crayola Crayons."

Dan Gardiner art

Dan Gardiner, Packer Sunday ’65, Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x 20”

February: Mary Hollinger

Mary Hollinger

About the Artwork:
"I treasured this cook stove. It was called an “Allen’s Princess” cook stove, which my then husband Bill and I found at an antique store in Boaz, WI. I used to bake bread in it. I had to build a good fire and then make sure I didn’t get it stoked up too hot for bread baking."

Mary Hollinger art

Mary Hollinger, The Old Schoolhouse Cook Stove, Pastel

March: Vera Nikiforov

Vera Nikiforov

About the Artwork:
"No matter the subject, be it still life, landscape, or portrait, color has always been my focus. I love the expressive qualities and the boldness of color. Then line, the ability of linear brushstrokes to dance across the canvas. They create an energy which draws the viewer closer. My goal."

Vera Nikiforov art

Vera Nikiforov, A Shady Patch in Madison, Acrylic on Canvas

April: Wendy Crone

Wendy Crone

About the Artwork:
"Evening walks in the neighborhood give us the opportunity to admire the wonderful gardens that our neighbors created. One of my neighbors a few blocks away has a spectacular garden that I enjoy throughout the spring, summer, and fall. This pastel painting was inspired by a particular day when the flowers were lush and the sun was casting beautiful shadows."

Wendy Crone art

Wendy Crone, Overlook Garden in Bloom, Pastel, 11” x 7.5”

May: Azul Sphaera

Azul Sphaera

About the Artwork:
"I am a self-taught artist, inspired by beauty everywhere. The craftsmanship of vanishing architectural styles, wooden floors, doors, and window frames; cozy rooms. I am intrigued by illusive reflections in glass. I am beguiled by trees, steadfast and confident. I am captivated by the solace of lovingly assembled interior space and I am drawn to sharing it with you."

Azul Sphaera art

Azul Sphaera, A Shadowy Sunroom

June: Steven Ralser

Steven Ralser

About the Artwork:
"I am a Madison-based photographer, originally from Australia, finding beauty in urban, rural, and natural (wild) environments wherever I happen to be at the time."

Steven Ralser art

Steven Ralser, Capitol Tulips, Photography

July: Sarah Alakson

Sarah Alakson

About the Artwork:
"I have been painting for 50 years, mainly in transparent watercolor. I have evolved from more realistic work to the more imaginary and whimsical, trying to show a more personal view of the world."

Sarah Alakson art

Sarah Alakson, Necklaced Cow, 22.75” x 39.5”

August: Julie Raasch

Julie Raasch

About the Artwork:
"My photographs capture the world around me... from sunrise to sunset and beyond. My work is driven by light. I am an observer of nature, color, and how light plays in the environment. It silhouettes, highlights, and most importantly brings out color where it was once hidden by darkness."

Julie Raasch art

Julie Raasch, A Bee’s Life, Photography

September: Richard Jones

Richard Jones

About the Artwork:
"We’re so lucky to live in Dane County. No need to take exotic trips for inspiration. Whatever your form of creative expression, beauty and opportunities to capture it abound. Case in point, Pope Farm Conservancy, its sunflower fields at dawn. To be there, with camera, it’s what I live for."

Richard Jones art

Richard Jones, Pope Farm Conservatory Sunflowers at Sunrise, Photography

October: James Widder

James Widder

About the Artwork:
"I love capturing a variety of Dane County memorable scenes in my art. All of these scenes I believe have multiple dimensions so I did several renditions. I am inspired by creating new places so I keep looking for new scenes to paint."

James Widder art

James H. Widder, Starkweather Creek, Water Soluble Oil on Canvas, 48” x 36”

November: Jeff Stern

Jeff Stern

About the Artwork:
"This is what happens to pumpkins after a hard freeze – rather deflated."

Jeff Stern art

Jeff Stern, November Pumpkins, Oil on Canvas, 20” x 24”

December: Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan

About the Artwork:
"Evoke a warm feeling, a nostalgic feeling, a what's-the-story feeling. It's what I hope for with my art. After over three decades of designing medical products, I’ve returned to fine arts. In this part of the journey, I’m challenged by the tension between my drive for detail and the rebellious nature of watercolor to do its own thing and as a result create works that draws the viewer in. Changing every season, the beauty of Devils Lake never fails to amaze. These four paintings bring the colorful and unique scenery of Devils Lake in the grandeur of each season."

Terry Sullivan art

Terry Sullivan, Devils Lake Seasons, 29.5” X 16.25”, Watercolor

Sales Locations

2020 calendars cost $9.48 each (including sales tax) at municipalities; and $9.95 each (including sales tax) at the following retailers. Purchase yours today at the following locations:

Municipal Hall Sales

Calendars are available for purchase at the following municipal halls: The City Halls Fitchburg, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, and Verona. The Town Halls of Dunn, Oregon, and Westport. The Villages of Black Earth, Mazomanie, and Shorewood Hills.

Thank you to our 2020 sales partners!