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2025 Calendar & Poster Call for Art Open Now!

Dane Arts is now accepting submissions for the twenty-fifth edition of our annual arts calendar and poster, highlighting the wonderful and talented artists of Dane County. The theme of the 2025 Calendar is: “Curious by Nature.”

Submissions due FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2024 by 4 PM.

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2024 Art Calendar

The twenty-fourth edition of our annual art calendar highlights the wonderful and talented artists right here in Dane County.

Cover: Linda Massey

Photo of a woman with a long brown braid wearing glasses, a hat, and a red shirt with grey sweatshirt. She is surrounded by pumpkins and large stalks of corn with a tractor in the background.

About the Artwork:
"Find Your Wings is about a girl that sees herself in flight and the places she’ll go on wings of her own making. It encourages everyone to soar, even if you have to ‘find’ your own wings.

Linda Massey is a lifelong Madison, WI based artist who strives to capture the spontaneity, joy and inner strength of her subjects."


A painting of a young girl wearing a blue ribbon in her hair, a light purple dress, grey pants, and black sneakers, and multicolored butterfly wings. She stands in front of her shadow reflected on the ground in which she also has multicolored butterfly wings.

Linda Massey, Find Your Wings, 2022, Oil on Panel, 18” x 18”

2024 Calendar Specs

Square image of the back of the Dane Arts calendar with thumbnail images of all twelve artworks
  • Desktop calendar - 8" x 7 ½"
  • Retailer Prices - $15 each (plus sales tax)
  • Artwork created by Dane County artists.

Revenues from calendar sales help sustain programs of Dane Arts (Dane County Cultural Affairs), an agency within county government created in 1977 to encourage public participation in arts, culture, and local history activities countywide. Your calendar purchase also helps to support local artists. For more information, please contact

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Purchase Online: $19.72 (includes calendar, shipping & handling)

In-person Sales Locations

Calendars are available for sale in-person at the following retailers and municipal halls:


Meet the 2024 Calendar Artists:


January: Lesey Anne Numbers

Image of a smiling woman with brown, blue and grey hair with white and yellow flowers next to her left ear. She is wearing a blue, red, purple and green dress. The background consists of green grass and green leaves.

About the Artwork:
"Lesley Numbers is an artist and educator, born and raised in Madison, WI. She has a BS in Art Education and an MFA in Printmaking from UW-Madison. While Lesley’s professional roles regularly shift, her practice is rooted in love, spirit and community. Her artwork is inspired by motherhood, music, magic and the flora and fauna of Dane County. For the past five years, Lesley has focused on creating large-scale, intuitively-composed and color-filled reductive woodblock prints. Each print is unique, using a combination of  traditional printmaking methods and hand-painted elements."

Woodblock print of a landscape in winter with snow covering the ground, bare trees contrast against the white snow while a blue river runs through the center of the composition into the distance. A brown deer stands in the background and a coyote is curled up in the foreground.

Lesley Anne Numbers, Winter at Seven Acres, 2022, reductive woodblock print, 20” x 30,” Owned by Seven Acres Dairy Company, Paoli, WI

February: Xizhou Xie

Image of a woman with long wavy black hair wearing a black and multicolored polka dot dress. She is standing in front of a yellow wall. To her right is an abstract painting with horizontal stripes of blue, purple, orange and red.

About the Artwork: 
"Xizhou Xie is an up-and-coming abstract artist with a passion for creating modern artwork. Xizhou’s work is characterized by vivid colors, bold textures, and a dynamic composition that engages the viewer’s eye.

Xizhou’s love for art began at a young age, when she went to art elementary school that taught music and visual arts..." Continue Reading...

Abstract ink painting with horizontal stripes of color starting with white, then orange, pink, purple and blue that blend into a very dark blue at the bottom. Representative of a sunset over water.

Xizhou Xie, Beach Days, 2019, Ink, 11” x 14”

March: Marleah Grinnell

Image of a woman with short blonde hair wearing a straw-colored hat, bright yellow long sleeved shirt, and black pants. Her arms are extended outward in an open gesture of greeting. She is standing against a white background.

About the Artwork: 
"Marleah Grinnell is from the Madison area and is an ARTS for ALL WISCONSIN 2021 Creative Power Award Winner. She has exhibited widely in Madison and Door County. A¬†self-taught artist, she began painting in 2018 at the urging of a friend. Creating art became a form of art therapy to improve her eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, which were lost three years ago, baffling her doctors..." Continue Reading...

Painting of four pink cherry blossoms with expressionistic green leaves in the background. Visible brush strokes give texture to the flower petals and leaves.

Marleah Grinnell, Cherry Spring Blossoms, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 10" x 8" 

April: Karen Nell McKean

Image of a smiling woman with white hair holding up a reference photo in her left hand for a painting of a horse partially visible in the background. She holds a small paintbrush in her right hand.

About the Artwork:
"Ever since I was a child, I have been captivated by the world's beauty and driven to recreate it through my oil paintings. My life's journey as an award-winning oil painter has been fueled by my innate passion for art, from my early days as a prodigy in Chicago to my current life in Oregon, Wisconsin. My attention to detail, use of color and commitment to authenticity are qualities that set my work apart." Continue Reading...

Landscape painting of farmland with hills in the background, a house in the middle of the composition, and a silo and three cows in the foreground. Dominant colors are dappled greens and yellows.

Karen Nell McKean, Dairy Land, 2021, Oil on canvas, 18” x 24”

May: GG

Headshot of a smiling young woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing wire rimmed glasses and a black top.

About the Artwork:
"Green Goodies (GG) is a rising portrait artist and content maker based in Madison, WI. While struggling to find relief from psychological trauma, GG turned to painting in 2021. She spent countless hours teaching herself to draw, paint, film, edit and produce high quality pieces. Her digital presence aims to inspire people to create and bring people closer together while sometimes being physically far apart through art and kindness."

A semi-abstracted painting of two large orchids, one green and one white and pink, in the foreground and various stems of smaller pink, green and white booms appear in the background.

GG, Orchids in Bloom, 2023, Gouache, 8” x 10”

June: Henry Obeng

Black and white headshot of a young man with short black hair looking directly at the camera. He is wearing a long sleeved black shirt and is resting his left hand against his head with pointer finger to temple.

About the Artwork:
"A place can offer clues about a culture through its botanical life, migration, marginalized histories, buildings, and more.
The bodies of work are inspired by site-specific research into migration, human histories, and storytelling. Each body of work examines the environment in which I live. In my practice, material engagement is fundamental. Plants and textiles collected from displaced areas are processed into paper. Embedded materials and prints are incorporated into wet paper pulp." Continue Reading...

Painting of a group of black and white cows with one cow in the middle staring directly at the viewer

Henry Obeng, We Exist, 2022, Photogravure on Handmade Paper, 35” x 27”

July: Linda Massey

Photo of a woman with a long brown braid wearing glasses, a hat, and a red shirt with grey sweatshirt. She is surrounded by pumpkins and large stalks of corn with a tractor in the background.

About the Artwork:
"Linda Massey is a lifelong Madison, WI based artist who strives to capture the spontaneity, joy and inner strength of her subjects.

Working in oil paint, both in studio and plein aire, her portraits and commissions range from large scale to the intimate. She creates bold work that captures the drama and energy of her subjects and commands the space around it."
Continue Reading..."

A painting of a young girl wearing a blue ribbon in her hair, a light purple dress, grey pants, and black sneakers, and multicolored butterfly wings. She stands in front of her shadow reflected on the ground in which she also has multicolored butterfly wings.

Linda Massey, Find Your Wings, 2022, Oil on Panel, 18” x 18”

August: Aileen Musa

Headshot of a smiling woman with blonde shoulder-length hair an bangs. She is wearing a blue denim jacket.

About the Artwork:
"Coloring photographs by hand allows me to reinterpret an image in a way film cannot. it allows me to convey a sense of nostalgia. Each image begins with either a black and white photo or a  digital painting. Black and white images are hand colored using photo oils, pan panels, water colors and other materials. Digital paintings begin with an altered image in color. Each image is hand embellished." 

Altered photograph of two sunflowers. One is taller and opened to expose yellow petals while the other is shorter and still closed. The camera angle is below the flower heads and includes a blue sky, dark vignetting  around the edges and script-like writing in the lower right corner of the composition.

Aileen Musa, Bloom, 2020, Hand embellished digital painting, 8” x 8”

September: Poornima Moorthy

Alt text coming soon

About the Artwork:
"I am a passionate visual artist and graphic designer living in Madison, WI. Receiving a B.A. in Studio Arts from Alverno College and a B.F.A. in Communication Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Growing up in Madison but having parents who grew up in India, we made many trips to visit family in India. My love for pattern is strongly influenced by my heritage." Continue Reading...

Description coming soon

Poornima Moorthy, Madison Farmers' Market, 2023, Drawing on an iPad, 5.25" x 7"

October: Rebecca Brockman-Schneider

Alt text coming soon

About the Artwork:
"Dane county features a rich mosaic of natural environments including prairie, wetlands, and forested areas, along with people committed to ensuring the health of these ecosystems. Making art expresses my gratitude for these places and signs of the seasons, whether glimpsed on a commute or explored on a hike, and the creative process itself brings me joy.  Currently, I work primarily in soft pastel on sanded UArt 400 paper, a medium I like for its immediate accessibility and rich pigments." Continue Reading...

Alt text coming soon

Rebecca Brockman-Schneider, Old Soul, 2022, Soft pastel, 8.5” x 8.5”

November: Paige Skenandore

Alt text coming soon

About the Artwork:
"Shekoli! Katsitsya’? tahts niyukyats. On^yote? okhale? wakenyaht^ niwaki?talo.t^

Hello! My name is Paige Morningstar Skenandore and my Indian name roughly translates to, “she extends out a flower.” I am a member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and I am turtle clan. My admiration for beadwork started when I was a little jingle dress dancer and saw all the older powwow dancers in their sparkly regalia and fancy beaded earrings. A Native advocate at my high school taught me how to do raised beadwork on a leather pouch. During my first semester at college, I began learning how to bead earrings with the indigenous student organization." Continue Reading...

Alt text coming soon

Paige Skenandore, Blush Pink Quill Earrings, 2023, Porcupine Quillwork and Beadwork, 3” x 2,” Photograph by Clint Greendeer (Ho-Chunk Nation) 

December: Issis Macias


About the Artwork:
"My art reflects my journey as a self-taught, first-generation Mexican American artist from Los Angeles, California. Drawing inspiration from a diverse community of artists, I learned how to be vulnerable and access my own creativity. My approach to art is raw and intuitive, guided by feelings and textures rather than preconceived notions. I surrender to the canvas, giving voice to my soul through colors, textures, and lines. This process creates a profound connection between me and the artwork." Continue Reading...

Brightly colored patchwork-like abstract composition with blues and purples at the top, transitioning to vibrant reds, oranges and yellow. Butterfly shapes are interspersed throughout the composition.

Issis Macias, Seaside, 2021, Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 36” x 36,” Private Collection